About Us


Sue – Founder and owner of Reflective Metals

Hi, I’m Sue, owner and founder of Reflective Metals. I am mum to 6 boys (including hubby!). We live on the beautiful south coast UK. In the early part of 2013, I had hit rough times within my own personal surroundings and something had to give. That’s when I gave up my part time job (lunchtime supervisor at our local secondary school) and dived head first into starting Ref Metals. I knew absolutely nothing about the world of hand stamping!

Ref Metals has grown so much more than I had even hoped. January 2019 saw the business move away from home and into a small unit (yay, I got my diningroon table back!!). July 2019 and my son Dean joined me on a part time basis.

You might ask why I do this type of work….it’s the satisfaction I get from being able to help others. Working together, we are able to take a thought/idea or even an image from your mind, and turn into a physical product. You will no doubt feel that same joy and excitement when your customer receives the finished item from you 🙂


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