Frequently Asked Questions

What metals do you use?

We use food safe grade 1050 Aluminium as it is the purest aluminium as this is the grade recommended for prolonged contact with the skin. Copper is C106 grade and Brass is CZ106 grade.

When will my order be shipped/arrive?

We try to give an estimate of actual shippiing times. Please check the home page as this is where you will find it. In busier times like the run up to xmas, shipping times can go up to 9+ working days. Once your order is posted with Royal Mail, delivery is usually 1-2 days, but can increase in busier times.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes we ship worldwide. Sometimes there are long delays due to COVID-19 so please allow longer shipping times.

Have you got a certain blank in stock?

Please check the website for stock before contacting us as time can be precious when we are busy.

Can my blanks be polished?

Yes, almost all of them can. This is an extra chargable service. We tumble the blanks with stainless steel shot and a few drop of washing up liquid for a minimum of 30 mins due to the volume of blanks that need polishing. Please add the amount of blanks to be polished using the polishing/tumbling listing here. If you are wanting larger blanks polishing, these could incur an extra charge.

*NB The square bar and tube beads are supplied polished as part of the price.

Can you cut a shape that I have drawn or can you draw it for me?

Almost certainly yes, as long as it does not involve using copyrighted images. We will gladly work with you to reach the end result. Please contact us to discuss this.

How do I finish my blanks if they are supplied unfinished?

Firstly a tumbler is the recommended way to finish the blanks. Combining stainless steel shot (ballbearings) and a few drops of washing up liquid. Some choose to leave this running for 1 hour whilst some leave it running during the night. You can use very fine steel wool or wet and dry sandpaper to remove deeper scratches. Mothers Mag (Mothers Mag & Aluminium Polish) or Autosol (for aluminium) are favourites among the stamping community. Egdes can be softened using different grades of sandpaper and a 4 way nail buffer is something that can be used on the surface. There is a nobble which is formed where the laser starts and stops which can be removed by gently filing it.


Although all our aluminium blanks are cut from 1050, some blanks (Jigsaw pieces used as keyrings) can be manufactured using 5251 which is not so pure and slightly harder with a yellowish tinge.





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