Laser cut aluminium dog blanks. Various sizes and breeds

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Various sizes and breeds

Due to the laser start and stop points there is a small nobble of metal on one edge, however gentle filing will remove it.

Aluminium is a great alternative to sterling silver but they are lightweight, non tarnishing and hypo allergenic

Sizes are approximate

Breed Width/Height
Basset Hound 50mm x 34mm
Bishon Frise 50mm x 50mm
Border Terrier 55mm x 43mm
Boxer 50mm x 48mm
Boxer With Tail 50mm x 45mm
Bull Terrier 55mm x 39mm
Bulldog 40mm x 50mm
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel 50mm x 36mm
Chihuahua 50mm x 49mm
Cocker Spaniel 50mm x 37mm
Cocker Spaniel With Tail 57mm x 37mm
Cockerpoo 50mm x 38mm
Collie 50mm x 40mm
Corgi 57mm x 40mm
Dachshund 50mm x 32mm
French Bulldog 50mm x 46mm
German Shepherd 50mm x 45mm
Golden Retriever 50mm x 37mm
Great Dane 55mm x 45mm
Greyhound 50mm x 40mm
Husky 50mm x 46mm
Jack Russel 50mm x 51mm
Labradoodle 50mm x 42mm
Labrador 50mm x 37mm
Lhasa Apso 50mm x 43mm
Lurcher 55mm x 41mm
Malamute 55mm x 47mm
Mini Poodle 50mm x 42mm
Mini Schnauzer 50mm x 43mm
Pug 50mm x 51mm
Rottweiler 55mm x 41mm
Scottish Terrier 50mm x 41mm
Shih Tzu 50mm x 40mm
Springer Spaniel 50mm x 40mm
Staffordshire Bull Terrier 50mm x 50mm
Tibetan Terrier 55mm x 42mm
West Highland Terrier 50mm x 49mm
Yorkshire Terrier 50mm x 35mm

Additional information

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